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Dropshipping Lesson 1: Understanding The Fundamentals

Dropshipping Lesson 1: Understanding The Fundamentals

Physical product sales (dropshipping). Your success will be determined if you can buy traffic at a profit. Live and die by this.

Channels To Occupy For Traffic (Generating visibility for a physical product store)

  • SEO, PPC, Comparison Engines, Email, SM
  • Make sure you have images for every product (and ownership). If you are using your manufacturer’s product image, make sure to watermark it and make it larger, it will outrank theirs.
  • Ensure you have video for each section AND homepage. Video is very easy to rank for because so few people are doing it.
  • PPC (Image ads and text ads, retargeting etc.)
  • Amazon listing for all products.
  • Check out what the above the fold looks like for a product. It’s usually text ads and image ads, Google shopping, one or two organic results, then everything else below the fold
  • Blog and editorial content

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