Lesson 1: Buying A Domain Name And Setting Up A Website

Lesson 1: Buying A Domain Name And Setting Up A Website

G’day Philthy,

First steps eh, always the most exciting.


Welcome to Lesson 1: Buying a domain name and setting up a website. 

Whoa, hold it there buddy! Before we go out and buy that domain name, we’ve got to come up with the name. We want something memorable, something strong and unique to build our brand. Think like Timothy Ferris’ 4 Hour Work Week. There’s the other guy’s Bullet Proof Executive. There’s plenty more too, but these are just examples.

There’s a few name generators out there to really stimulate that right side of your brain. Try some of them out and see if you find something you like:

Or you can Google Domain Name Generator and use any other sites.

Cool, you found your domain name.. now what?

You gotta buy that guy!


Head on over to SiteGround or Zuver, these are the two domain name providers and hosting service providers I use. You may or may not now, but I’ll explain because I never really knew the difference at the start – domain names and hosting can be bought separately, but you usually buy them together at the beginning. Things can become tricky if you want to change your hosting service provider. If this is the case, then you will also need to migrate your domain name to the new host (I think). It’s not as simple as just updating the Domain Name Servers (DNS) and pointing them to the new provider, but I thought it was. I need to find out what the go is here.

Difference between then two: Zuver is $2/month and SiteGround is $4/month for their entry level services. Zuver is more spammy though and this can hurt on the SEO. If I’m going to be spending a while getting my site to a stage I’m happy with, I’ll buy with Zuver first and then upgrade and move my service over to SiteGround once the site is looking good.

Also, if you choose to go with SiteGround you can get an extra 25% off (approximately) if you close the window after selecting the hosting service plan. A popup will then appear offering a discount.

A word of warning

If you have found a domain name you really like I’d be very wary of checking if it is available in the domain name provider and not purchasing it immediately. There has been numerous times where I’ve come up with a name I love, checked to see that it is indeed available only to come back a couple of days later to buy it and it’s gone. There’s a racket out there, conspiracy theorists abound.

Here’s a few screenshots to show you the process at SiteGround (the process is pretty much identical at Zuver):



Setting domain and hosting service providers

Next is the installation of WordPress

This is very simple, you’ll have it done in a flash and your site will be up and running for the world to see.

First you go to the accounts tab or hosting tab and click on cPanel.

How to install wordpress

Click on the WordPress icon once the cPanel screen has loaded.

wordpress installation in Cpanel

The rest is very self-explanatory. Fill out the required fields, make your username and password, select and theme then click install. Voila! You’re up and running big dog.

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